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The Nepalese-Tibetan rugs contain a very high degree of hand processing and qualities ranging from 60-150 knots per square inch. Regularity safe guards are in place to ensure that only highest quality fleece wool is imported for use in these rugs. The intense colors and rich design of these rugs are totally unique. Hand knotted rugs from Nepal are tailored to meet the expectations of those looking for something different and offer the high quality, durability, and resilience to last a lifetime of use.

Nepali rug weaving, keeping with centuries of tradition and well-wrought skills, utilizes a simple vertical loom. While weaving, a row of pile yarns are knotted to the wrap yarns firstly. Next two weft yarns are woven through the wrap. The knots and weft yarns are then packed down tightly on previously woven rows with a comb like device. After knotting several rows, ends of pile yarns are cut to create and even rug surface. The knotting process is then repeated. The knot density of a Nepalese rug ranges from 60, 80, 100 to 150 knots per square inch.

Every Nepali rug is crafted to the highest standard using top quality pure Nepali materials like cotton, hemp, silk, ortie, and Tibetan, New Zealand wool. The Proportion of materials are used as per demand by buyers/customer's satisfaction. It provides a wide range of design and color combinations, maintaining their fine appearance. Every single motif has special traditional meaning and significance.

The traditional design of the Nepalese-Tibetan rug are basically influenced by Buddhism but in recent years the Nepalese manufacturers have introduced modern design and colors in line with the present day market tastes. The traditional size has been replaced by a wide range of sizes from 0.25 sq.m. to 56 m2 and in shapes such as round, octagon, customs shapes and so on. The desired designs, styles and shades are the creation of local designers & engineers with regular feedback from the market and also depending on its taste and mood.

Rug History
Nepal is an ancient land with a rich cultural heritage and strong craft tradition. Thousands of years of undisturbed cultural development and the enduring traditional skill of craftsmanship, handed down from generation to generation, has produced a rich array of works of art revealing the genius of the Nepalese in all forms. Like other handicrafts, the rug is an age-old product of Nepal.

In the 4th century the people of the valley started weaving rugs and blankets made from sheep wool. The Magars (the Mongoloid ethnic group) of the valley used to raise sheep as their ancestral off-farm activity, card the wool and sell it to the household weavers. Every household had a loom fixed against the wall and tied around the waist of the weaver while weaving.

However the development of an export quality rug actually initiated with the influx of the Tibetan refugees in the early sixties. The original source of the modern Nepalese rug weaving goes to the Tibetan refugees living in Nepal. One used to see the woolen rugs being woven where the refugees settled. Later the local Nepalese people learned the rug weaving technique from the Tibetans and have developed the industry into the largest foreign exchange earning industry in the country. Credit also goes to the Swiss Agency for Technical Assistance (SATA) for their contribution, in the development of the rug industry in Nepal through financial & technical support to the Tibetan refugees’ re-settlement programs. In the beginning, it was launched as a source of livelihood for the Tibetan refugees and marketing was limited to tourists visiting the kingdom. Efforts to gain access in the international market arena paid-off in 1964 when the first commercial shipment left to Europe, namely Switzerland. With vision and entrepreneur skill it transformed into a nationally recognized commercial commodity and remains today as the most important export product from Nepal.

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