NR.COM launched by KHHI to promote Nepalese hand-woven rugs, introduces you the Magical Rugs of Nepal varying from Traditional to Modern to Hem to Tiger at very affordable (wholesale) rate. Pls feel free to contact us for any queries. Thank you.
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“After the successful launch of three websites of Khukuri House, now has been launched to promote Nepalese hand woven rugs internationally. We, the crew of Khukuri House urge you to support the handmade unique, dazzling and enduring rugs found and made only in Nepal”

Rugs of Nepal draw inspiration and knowledge from Tibetan Rugs, basically the designs originate from Buddhist and Vedic philosophies. Some designs are also inspired from the western world’s modern art in today’s context. Nepalese rugs are made out of wool of high altitude sheep known as “Chang Lug” in Tibetan, and is imported from Tibet .Compared to other internationally renowned rugs it is more durable and heavier as it is hundred percent hand woven and employ double knotting system. As well, each rug has its own unique characteristic and patterns that distinguishes it from other foreign rugs. The making process of a Nepalese rug is very time consuming and laborious that demands skill, experience and commitment.

Firstly, “Namaste” is a typical Nepalese word that’s spoken or written to show one’s respect for other person. It denotes admiration and well wishes to the fellow human being. It is also spoken when meeting for the first time and before departing. It is physically done by joining two palms together in front of chest by bending arms. is a site created with a vision to promote Nepalese hand woven rugs and to endow worldwide recognition. The objective is to support the locally made rugs and the conventional methods of making through the modern and advanced means that exist today. It is in fact an ideal calculation of tradition and technology.
Khukuri House has now come up with yet another luminous site named to encourage and to up lift the status of home products in the international communities. The site reflects simplicity yet beholds style of its own The main feature of the site focuses on awareness, promotion, market growth, locating buyers and for local artisans’ exposure through a very simple, friendly and professional website. It is a genuine effort put by the company to upgrade the standard of home rug products that is in a reasonable state. comprises of highly and carefully chosen home products of Nepal that represents the glory and the pride of the country. The company in advance has wisely selected the best qualitative rugs from a huge range of offered items in the local market in order to make buying easy and less time consuming, and also not neglecting the special facilities where one can “Design” and “Customize” an order. We have also taken special measures to make the site as easy and brief as possible offering at very affordable price ranges. We equally value the privacy and safety of each payment to our highest level so we advise you to shop with confidence as we assure and guarantee the security of your paying means. Similarly, each order will be treated with extreme care and as a matter of urgency. Our experience, expertise and services in this field will not let you down in any case.
Lastly, the price of each rug is kept surprisingly low with a mere view to promote and develop an international market for our local yet very standard hand woven rugs. We invite you to visit our site, see our product and feed yourself with important information regarding the Nepalese rug industry. We assure you that Nepalese rugs, “the magical rugs of Nepal” and, “weaving colorful Dreams” would be the ultimate choice for your deserving floors.

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