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Rugs Maintenance

The beauty and life of your carpet depends on the care and maintenance it receives.

General Rug Maintenance

  • Avoid your rug (and floors) getting dirty by protecting entrances to your home with dedicated barrier mats.
  • Consider a "NO Shoes" policy in your home.
  • If possible rotate your rug periodically to distribute the areas of heavy traffic.
  • Never place rugs on damp or wet floors.

Vacuuming Tips:

Step one: Lay rug face down on hard surface and slowly vacuum. Move side to side, and be mindful of the fringes... if they are long, stay clear of them to avoid getting them sucked into the vacuum.

Step 2: Flip rug over to reveal dust/wool that has shaken loose.

Step 3: Sweep up the loose dirt & wool.

Step 4: Lay rug out right side up, and vacuum surface again, side to side. You can repeat the process until nothing comes out at all if you wish. The less left in your rug, the better.

NOTE: If your rug is very thin, or delicate, you probably shouldn't dust it yourself. In fact, the looser the weave in the rug, the less dirt and grit will stay in the rug - it will pass right through. The thicker the weave, the more particulates it can hold - up to 1 pound per square foot!

Storage Tips:

  • Always store rugs clean. Never wrap up dirty rugs.
  • Use a sturdy, tear/water resistant material to wrap the rug.
  • Avoid storing the wrapped rugs directly on the floor. Always keep them elevated, even if it is on a very low shelf or rack.
  • Open your wrapped rugs once a year or so, just to get a look at them, and run a vacuum over them

Maintenance Tips

  • Texture Surface Retention:

    Try to reduce the amount of traffic on these areas or use small rugs in front of heavily used chairs or furniture. Occasionally move furniture and reverse area rugs. This will help to slow the change in the texture of your carpet.

  • Crushing:

    Crushing is the loss of pile thickness because of foot traffic. Regular vacuuming may help to reduce crushing that results from traffic

  • Depression (Indentation):

    The weight of heavy pieces of furniture can cause depression (indentations) in carpet. To remedy depressions, work the carpet pile back into place with your fingertips or the edge of a spoon, then, dampen the area and heat it with a hair dryer, working the fibers with your fingers or a spoon. You can also use furniture glides or cups under the legs of heavy pieces.

  • Fadeness of Color:

    Protect your carpet from direct sunlight. Try to keep away your carpet from chemicals, such as pesticides, household cleaning agents and other household items as it can also result in color loss.

  • Spills and Cleaning Tips:

    Never rub the surface pile of a rug. The correct way is to blot the area with a clean, absorbent cloth or white paper towel. Try not to make the spillage area larger. Then, scrape up any excess spillage with a blunt knife or spatula. Before using any cleaning products on your rug, always 'spot test' the rug to ensure the solution you are using will not damage or bleach the fibres of the rug. We recommend Wool clean products and various solutions used for washing woollen clothes such as Stergene and pre wash sprays as they give good results and do not harm the fibres.

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